Top 5 Biblical Lessons for Dating Christians

Christian Dating Lessons

Believers are the “salt” of the world and thus must never mimic the “streetwise” dating shenanigans often professed by heathen pagans. Many Christians are initially set to accomplish the will of their Father, but some of them find themselves having diverted from his wise tenets on almost all occasions. Dating is definitely among the most precarious undertakings in which supernatural guidance is desperately needed. With incorrigibly tempting passions at every little twist and turn, believers mustn’t enter this wolves-filled field alone.

How, then, can born-again followers of Christ pursue male-female relationships without falling into evil lusts? The answer’s that this is practically impossible for men and women – but tremendously easy with Christ’s help and continued guidance. So we reached out to Sam at the online Christian dating site – to offer his wisdom and expertise. Discussed in the following paragraphs are some God-inspired lessons and tenets the Scripture teaches us. So continue reading to learn the top 5 irreplaceable dating principles for both male and female Christians.

1. Dating Ought to Be Long-Term and Marriage-Focused

God’s wisdom forbids us from indulging in meaningless opposite-gender liaisons lest we give the evil one a handle by which to pull us into the dragnet of sin and perdition. Look at the case of Joseph and Mary the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ in each of the Gospels, for instance. They weren’t in an aimless relationship, but already pledged to each other for soon-to-follow nuptials of holy matrimony.

2. Genuine Love and Commitment Are a Must

It’s against fundamental Christian doctrines to date for ulterior motives without well-meant authentic love or unconditional commitment. A good example of a fully loving and committed relationship is that of Abram and Sarai.

With an opportunistic mindset, Abram would have left his wife for a girl who wasn’t barren within the formative course of their decades-old childless union. But he loved his spouse beyond her inability to conceive, and that’s why this unvarying testament of unalloyed affection and unyielding bond attracted God’s express endorsement and blessings several years later.

3. There’s the Right Person for You – No Guesswork!

Many shallowly informed believers tend to entertain a dangerously lukewarm approach toward God’s insuperable love and predestination regarding our ability to find the right mate in life. Our inimitably rewarding Lord and omnipotent Maker who made Adam a lifelong mate from among his very own ribs will do the same for you!

Wondering whether Jehovah has precisely set aside someone specifically suitable for you is nothing short of depicting him as a fifty-fifty powerless gambler whose ultimate will’s at best trammeled by fate and fortune like that of helpless mortals such as we! Far from it – for He knew us an intact eternity before the earth was formed!

4. Forgiveness Isn’t a Choice, But a Command!

Again, all true God’s children should always note that we’ve all fallen short of the perfect divine standards initially intended for us. We shouldn’t bear ceaseless grudges against our partners. We must forgive them if we indeed expect to be forgiven by our just Creator – The Lord’s Prayer.

Additionally, we are not to act mean or unfairly judge our soulmates, or we’ll be handled equally severely – Matthew 7: 1-5. The imperfections of our mortal lovers oughtn’t to lower their aggregate worth in our eyes, but instead point us to the Perfect One who’s the healer of our souls’ wounds and the gentle teacher of the unwise. Dating believers must untiringly and gracefully bear burdens and weaknesses for each other.

5. Sex Should Be Exclusively Enjoyed Within the God-Ordained Confines of Matrimony

Seeing many juvenile individuals acting as if anyone said that sex is not an awesome affair remains one of the most disheartening experiences for a seasoned believer. There’s no denying this practically incontestable truth – God is the one who designed sex in the first place. How could the same Loving Father then go against what he himself created when it didn’t exist?

As such, never let Satan obscure your sober Christian thinking by giving you contradictory assessments of otherwise purely life-giving biblical warnings against premarital cohabitation. Between your incalculably caring Creator and the devil( the infamous, fun-spoiling usurper of everything sweet and tasty and pleasurable), who really wants you to “feel nice”? The only reason our Father restrains us from sexual contact before marriage is because he wants us to steer clear from fornication-related pains and enduring heartaches!